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  • How long did you live in Hawaii?
  • A year and a half! I moved to the Big Island and stayed with my grandpa for a year, went to UH Hilo for 3 semesters, and worked a total of 3 jobs throughout my time there.
  • Why did you move back to Ohio?
  • A lot of reasons played into my last minute decision to move back to my hometown. However, my grandpa passing away was a major reason. The move back home is very temporary I actually plan to be back in Hawaii by August 2018, but I'm enjoying the time with my friends and family in the meantime.
  • Do you come up with your own Instagram captions?
  • My favorite question, of course I come up with my own Instagram captions. I'll have to post the one I get asked a lot about below.
  • What's your major?
  • Ooh, the common question every other college student asks you & all distant relatives at family gatherings. My major is Business Administration (my parents don't give me enough credit for being one of the very few college kids who haven't changed their major throughout the 4 years). It's a stepping stone to get into law school to pursue my passion of taking on sex trafficking cases.
  • How do you travel all the time?
  • Unfortunately my family isn't secretly rich and I'm not a trust fund baby. I actually had no plans of traveling for about 6 months when I moved back to Ohio because I was going to save up to move back to Hawaii. But we all know plans change, long story short I'm in a long-distance relationship and he spoils me like crazy. So all the recent travels have been with him!
  • Where did you meet this handsome guy?!
  • Tinder. No matter how many times I've told him we're coming up with a cover story so we don't have to tell people this, we still haven't thought one up. I met him in Miami, Florida and the rest is history.

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