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I spent awhile trying to come up with a name for my blog. I REALLY didn’t want the URL to be my name. I wanted it to be something cute & specific to me. So I reflected on a couple things:


     I am so much happier when the sun is out, it’s basically an essential need for me.

I fell in love with the song:

Sunshine Girl by JBoog while living in Hawaii. (CLICK for the Spotify link!)

I admire the concept of a sunshine personality:

to light up a stranger, family, or friend’s day is a gift. Trust me, it is. Coming back to Ohio will show you very quickly that not everyone you run into is nice, will smile at you, or will just say “hi.” 
Part of that desire to have a “sunshine personality” stems from waitressing. Since I was 15 1/2 and my first job as an A&W carhop up until now, I’ve always been a waitress. I love being able to meet new people. Everyone has a story and waitresses are given so many opportunities to “talk story” with their customers. 

The sunshine personality also correlates a lot with my faith in God. As Christ followers I believe there is something that should always stick out about us, and being kind to others is such an easy way to begin to set us apart.

There’s automatically a feeling of comfort when someone is friendly or even looks friendly. In a world so brutally hateful, the world needs more SMILERS 🙂

Hawaii stole my heart because the people are so. freakin’. friendly. :   

 Hawaiians are so proud of where they’re from & there’s a sense of community in that. It truly is the Aloha state. Now, not everyone has the same or even similar experiences as I did, but there generally is something about living in such a beautiful place that brings a much different attitude amongst the people living there.

 Experiencing paradise and being in a constant state of awe of such a naturally beautiful place is literally common ground for students in Hawaii. It’s so easy to make friends because who wouldn’t want to experience this place! 

I wanted to be the sunshine girl in my friend group, and its transferred into every aspect of my life. For example: my relationship with my parents, my siblings, and my significant other. I’ve always wanted to bring out the best in people & it’s so much easier to do when you bring out the best side of you.



You might be thinking…who is this “his” in hissunshinegirl?
-Simple answer, God’s!

Background story: I was driving to Faith Family Church in Canton, OH and I really wanted to pin down the name for my blog. The sun was shining & I blasted “Sunshine Girl,” and I’m thinking…jeeze with how much I love the sun, sunshine girl would be cute. Now, I’m pulling into my parking spot at church, I’m walking up to the door and the two greeters open it and the one says, “Did you bring the sunshine with you today!?” Yup, it was in that moment I knew that I was definitely naming the blog sunshine girl. 

The “his” followed shortly after.

 Overall, I shine because God has given me a purpose, a motivation, and a future in which I can smile & be excited for. 
It’s also been super important for me to be reminded that I don’t live to please “you,” others, or even myself. Which is hard to remember when you’re a social media addict and you’re trying to rack up likes on your pictures, lol. So, this is a new thing I’ve been working on in myself. I live to represent God’s love and through that I am able to live a life where others see that through me too!

I think that more than covers all the bases & I hope that as you begin to know me and read my posts you see that “sunshine girl” reflected throughout the content! 


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