DoorDash Review

What is it? Can you actually make money working for companies like this? Here’s for all those cynical or curious about DoorDash!

What is it?

DoorDash is a food delivery app just like Postmates, UberEats, GrubHub, Tapingo, and other order-in-app delivery services. Depending on the area you’re in different food delivery services are available. You simply download the app, plug in your current location, and search the available restaurants in your area. You can have your breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, dessert delivered to your front door! 

I personally have LOVE DoorDash and Postmates on days where I don’t want to leave the house!


Working for DoorDash: 

Working for DoorDash is SO easy! I signed up for DoorDash and Postmates at the same time while I was living in Miami, Florida this summer. Sign up for both was super easy (you have to have a pretty clean driving record) and they send your activation kit within a week of passing the background check! I ran orders as a side-gig while Rilde was working on days I had off, and I started to like it even more than my waitressing job. 

I made more money on DoorDash than on Postmates.  Postmates would give me orders where I would make $2-$6 per drive; whereas, on DoorDash I would earn $6-$11 on each drive. 

DoorDash’s layout is also much better than Postmates. You can see how much you’re going to make on each ‘dash’ and choose whether to accept or decline (declines will affect your acceptance rate). Postmates doesn’t tell you how much you make on each delivery until you complete it. 


How Much Can You Make?

I average $11-15 an hour, I ‘make my own schedule’ (explained in the next section) and I can go home whenever I want! 

If you’re working a minimum-wage job with awful hours and have a car–QUIT and get signed up!

Here’s the link: Drive and Deliver with DoorDash

 Right now this is my only job- with my on campus schedule and long-distance relationship that has me going to Florida or Rilde coming up every two weeks–DoorDash beats any job where you have to worry about requesting time off.

Don’t believe the hype? Do the math for yourself-below ⇓ are my earnings for the past 2 weeks! 



DoorDash Scheduling:

I hardly ever schedule the time slot I want to work. Which is okay when you live/drive in areas that are consistently busy! But if you’re a person who needs structure in order to get things done you can plan your ‘dashes’ for the week.

But I love waking up at 9-10am and logging into Dasher (the app when you become a driver) whenever I get into Kent, OH and having the freedom to sleep in and work whenever I want. 

There’s no strict schedule. If you don’t want to dash for the full time or want to end your dash early simply “end dash.” You can sign up for another time block later or ‘start dashing’ when your region becomes busy.


This is what your screen will look like when you log in to start dashing. The areas in red are regions that are busy (you could drive to these areas and start dashing right now). Areas in grey are currently not busy and require you to sign up for a time slot-BUT, they change frequently and can become busy so check it often! 


What’s better than a job you can work whenever you want?! You never have to request days off and you make more money than a minimum- wage job! Not bad for those with a busy college schedule 🙂

If you have questions ask! Comment here, or DM me on Instagram 🙂

I hope you just found your new side-job!


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