Black Friday Shopping/Deals 2019

November 29this less than two and a half months away! Do you have your Black Friday shopping lists ready?! Well, in case you don’t, and you want to get ahead on your game plan for which stores and items to purchase at the best deals of the year, I have created a list of the best guides to use! These sites will provide you with coupons, promo codes, price predictions, best stores and products, important dates, and SO much more. Save time and let them do the research for the best deals for you!

Here’s my top 3 sites/blogs I use to plan my Black Friday shopping:

#1 Slick Deals

           Here you’ll find:

        • Products to look out for that have the best deals
        • Which stores have the best sales
        • Doorbuster discount information
        • Based on last year dates for when a number of the top stores released their Black Friday ads
        • Black Friday store hours for the most popular stores
        • Online sales dates
        • Coupon and promo codes

I love this site because it covers all the bases while providing a coupon page for all the best promo and coupon codes that are in effect for a variety of stores! Whether you use the site or the Slick Deals app, you have all the Black Friday information at your fingertips in order to plan your shopping ahead of time.

#2 Tom’s Guide –

            Here you’ll find:

        • Information on when Amazon will drop its Black Friday ad
        • Black Friday Amazon predictions
        • Deals on Amazon’s 2019 lineup

While this site and guide is great, it only gives you information for Amazon. So, if you’re all about the Amazon deals you can find a lot of your information here! I love how they give a list of predictions and Amazon’s hottest items to keep your eye out for (hello iPhone 11 max pro I’m coming for you)!


            Here you’ll find:

        • The most popular stores for Black Friday shopping
        • What deals you can expect
        • Black Friday predictions for TV’s, smart phones, laptops and computers, tablets/ e-readers/ipads, etc.

This site is great for predictions of all types of the most popular electronics and the deals you can expect to get on Black Friday. They include extensive lists of electronics by category (Videogames, TV, 4D T.Vs, smartphones, laptops, etc) and what prices you can expect to find them for which makes for a great way to create a budget based on predicted prcices! However, no coupon codes/ promo codes are available on the site so you may have to research those on your own or use Slick Deals!

Black Friday is coming and now you have all the tools to make sure you make the most of this year’s shopping! Make sure to download the Slickdeals app and have your coupons ready, because what’s better than a deal? A deal on top of a deal! I’m keeping my eye out for the best deal on an iPhone 11 Max Pro and maybe an Apple Watch too 😉


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