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    His Sunshine Girl- Behind The Name BEHIND THE URL I spent awhile trying to come up with a name for my blog. I REALLY didn’t want the URL to be my name. I wanted it to be something cute & specific to me. So I reflected on a couple things: I LOVE SUNSHINE. I am so much happier when the sun is out, it’s basically an essential need for me. I fell in love with the song: Sunshine Girl by JBoog while living in Hawaii. (CLICK for the Spotify link!) I admire the concept of a sunshine personality: to light up a stranger, family, or friend’s day is a gift. Trust…

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    Most Asked Questions

    How long did you live in Hawaii? A year and a half! I moved to the Big Island and stayed with my grandpa for a year, went to UH Hilo for 3 semesters, and worked a total of 3 jobs throughout my time there. Why did you move back to Ohio? A lot of reasons played into my last minute decision to move back to my hometown. However, my grandpa passing away was a major reason. The move back home is very temporary I actually plan to be back in Hawaii by August 2018, but I’m enjoying the time with my friends and family in the meantime. Do you come…


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